Last month I had the pleasure of joining the Yurodny Ensemble from Ireland on a tour in Turkey. We played Onur Türkmen’s work Sailing To Byzantium, a magnificent 70 minute piece with a lot of room for improvisation. The ensemble was made up of Yurodny members and as well as Turkish musicians on traditional instruments. Here is a small documentary about our time there.

Watch: Sailing to Byzantium


On April 2nd, Helena and I play Peter Schat’s Genen for violin and piano at the Orphanage of Dutch Music (Weeshuis van de Nederlandse Muziek), a wonderful series promoting forgotten gems. Schat biographer Bas van der Putten will be there to give an insight into the work and the life behind it.

watch the trailer

weeshuis pic


Electra plays RACHE by Boudewijn Tarenskeen.

See you there if you dare…


20/03 Piet Hein Eek Eindhoven
30/03 Muziekgebouw aan ‘t Ij Amsterdam
15/04 Korzo Den Haag
16/04 Grand Theatre Groningen

electra blue

    photo by Anne Reinke

Podium Witteman

I had a great time playing on Podium Witteman, a live national TV show dedicated to classical music. Composer Theo Loevendie was there, and I even snuck a little bit of Schoenberg in during the interview..

watch: DANCE by Theo Loevendie