In 1986, Theo Loevendie wrote DANCE for my legendary former teacher Vera Beths. The solo violinist plays with a set of bells around her ankles, stomping her own accompaniment. Many of her students went on to play the piece, and in 2015 I had the chance to perform it live at Podium Witteman when Theo received the Andreas Medal from the City of Amsterdam :

Last summer Theo wrote a new version of the piece, adding parts for recorder (Erik Bosgraaf) and clarinet (Carl Rosman). The solo violin part was left unchanged. We recorded it for Erik Bosgraaf’s new CD that was released this week, Nachklang : check it here // and already a nice review from the Groene Amsterdammer is in here :

“Bastardized Country & Western with a Turkish hint by Diamanda Dramm and two companions … An after party in many colours”


Spaces video

proud to launch the first of the Violin Spaces video series !

Garth and I have been working on these concert studies since we met in 2011, and it feels great to finally send them out into the world. The sheet music is now available at Schott


Violin Spaces Nr. 1 SKATING
Garth Knox
video by E-Ville Media
directed by Willem Wits