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had a greatttttt time touring the Ives show

on the road with Sam Amidon, Aaron Likness, Maya Fridman, Leo Blokhuis, Marco Mlynek.

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(lights James Murray)


released November 22, 2019

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all songs composed and performed by Diamanda La Berge Dramm
with text by SJ Fowler

tracks 6, 7 composed by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov
tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 arranged by Akim Moiseenkov & Diamanda Dramm
tracks 2, 3 arranged Akim Moiseenkov

recorded by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov in Borgerhout, Antwerpen, March 2019
mixed by Akim Moiseenkov and Dave Wismeijer in Amsterdam, May 2019
mastered by Da Goose Mastering

photos by Juri Hiensch
dress by Maison the Faux
mask by Carmen Schabracq
artwork by Jos Kleij

Twenty minutes, the total length of ‘Beastings’. This EP is the solo debut of violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm. It’s much more than an EP. The CD disc is situated in a brown envelope, bound together with a booklet of 12 poems that SJ Fowler wrote especially for this edition. Dramm took snippets from the poems, re-combined them, and made seven tracks. She sings the texts while accompanying herself on the violin. Everything about this edition emanates love and attention. Reading and listening simultaneously is a marvelous and unsettling experience. You see phrases on the page that you’ve heard before, but in a completely different context. And you hear lyrics that contain a completely different logic than the poems they were plucked from. The music itself breathes loving care and concentration as well. The fact that Dramm is a fantastic violinist was already known to many. It’s a revelation how good of a singer she is, transforming words to song: a self-contained unit with an emotional depth that functions on multiple levels. You hear naivety, curiosity, wonderment, determination, sometimes a coy undertone. The way in which she approaches her violin in the studio shows insight and versatility. She plucks her strings, throws a veil of elecronic distortion over it all, lets mercurial tones chatter in high register. With the help of the multi media wizard Akim Moiseenkov, she multiplies her instrument into an ensemble containing a broad spectrum of colors, with varying depths and distances. It’s really not more than twenty minutes. Those twenty minutes aren’t shoved overfull, we don’t end up in knots. But at the same time, so much happens that your brain cells are tested to the absolute max. Which is a character of great, profound artistry.

Twintig minuten, langer duurt ‘Beastings’ niet. Deze ep is het solodebuut van violiste Diamanda La Berge Dramm. Het is veel meer dan een ep. Het schijfje zit in een bruine envelop, samengebonden met een boekje met twaalf gedichten die SJ Fowler speciaal voor deze uitgave geschreven heeft. Dramm heeft snippers uit die gedichten in nieuwe combinaties bijeengebracht en er zeven nummers van gemaakt. Daarin zingt ze de teksten terwijl ze zichzelf begeleidt op haar viool. Uit alles in deze uitgave spreekt liefde en aandacht. Tegelijkertijd lezen en luisteren is een wonderlijke, verwarrende ervaring. Je ziet zinsneden die je eerder al gehoord hebt, maar in een volstrekt andere context. En je hoort zangregels die een heel andere logische lijn volgen dan de gedichten waar ze uit geplukt zijn. Ook de muziek zelf ademt liefdevolle zorg en concentratie. Dat Dramm een geweldige violiste is, was al bekend. Het is een openbaring hoe goed ze als zangeres is in het transformeren van woorden tot een lied: een op zichzelf staande eenheid met een gevoelsmatig die op verschillende niveaus werkt. Je hoort onschuld, nieuwsgierigheid, verwondering, vastberadenheid, soms een plagerige ondertoon. De manier waarop ze haar viool benaderd heeft in de studio getuigt van inzicht en veelzijdigheid. Ze plukt aan de snaren, gooit een sluier van elektronische vervorming over haar spel, laat hoge tonen kwikzilverig kwetteren. Met behulp van media-tovenaar Akim Moiseenkov vermenigvuldigt ze haar instrument tot een ensemble met een breed spectrum aan kleuren, met uiteenlopende diepte en afstand. Het is echt niet meer dan twintig minuten. Die twintig minuten zijn niet zodanig vol-gepropt dat er een ondoordringbare kluwen ontstaan is. Maar er gebeurt zoveel dat je hersencellen tot het uiterste getest worden. Toch een kenmerk van grote, diepe kunst.” 

January 2020, Gonzo Magazine


a project close to my heart. join me in exploring Ives’ music and its peripheries together with Sam Amidon, Leo Blokhuis, Aaron Likness, Marco Mlynek, Maya Fridman

3 feb Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht* / 4 feb Willem Twee Den Bosch / 5 feb Wilminktheater Enschede* / 6 feb Muziekgebouw Eindhoven* / 7 feb Concertgebouw Amsterdam* // (* = with Leo Blokhuis)

IVES release

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  1. Violin Sonata No. 5 “Holiday In New England”: No.1, Washington’s Birthday
  2. Violin Sonata No. 5 “Holiday In New England”: No. 2, Decoration Day
  3. Violin Sonata No. 5 “Holiday In New England”: No. 3, Thanksgiving
  4. Piano Trio, S. 86: No. 1, Moderato – Maya Fridman
  5. Piano Trio, S. 86: No. 2, TSIAJ. Presto – Maya Fridman
  6. Piano Trio, S. 86: No. 3, Moderato con moto – Maya Fridman
  7. Shining Shore – Marco Mlynek, Oliver Lutz

tracks 1-6 recorded 12&13 July 2018 in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven by Jurriaan Sielcken. mixed and mastered by Jurriaan Sielcken. track 7 recorded in spring 2019 in Cologne by Marco Mlynek. mixed by Jurriaan Sielcken and Marco Mlynek. mastered by Jurriaan Sielcken. with financial support from the SENA Fund, Foundation for Performing Arts Netherlands, and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. released by M Recordings Eindhoven, January 2020.

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———————designed by Studio Harris Blondman ——————–


I met Garth Knox in 2011 at New England Conservatory where I was studying for my Bachelor. He was teaching the viola class for a guest semester, and I asked him for a lesson. We soon started talking about his Viola Spaces, a series of concert studies for viola that had been published in 2008 and were starting to gain a lot of traction in the viola world. The question was .. would they work for violin transposed up a fifth ? We both missed the ringing of many bass notes, and it seemed like there was a lot more possibility in the brilliance register of the violin that should be taken advantage of. So it was decided to make a whole new series for violin. We spent a lot of time exploring these techniques together, Garth writing drafts for me to give feedback on, editing, editing, and re-editing. It’s been a great learning curve for me.  I’m proud of this project and so excited to share it with the world – in particular with young violinists who I hope will dig into the material with zeal, discovering new pathways in the relationship they have with their instrument.

The Violin Spaces were published by Schott in 2018, the CD is out, and we are in the process of releasing instruction video’s.

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tracks :

    1. Skating
    2. Up Above Our Heads
    3. Microtonal Blues
    4. Ten Fingers
    5. No Pitch, No Problem
    6. Sliding
    7. The Raven
    8. Rick O’Shea
    9. bonus : nature / text SJ Fowler / violin&voice DLBD / bass John Eckhardt

Director Willem Wits / DOP  Bobby Littlejohn / First AC Rikash Gobardhan / Floor Manager Iwen Legro / Hair and Makeup ietsmethaar (Lilian Prins) / Concept and Edit Willem Wits / Audio recording Jurriaan JJ Sielcken / Tonmeister Iwen Legro / Mix and master Jurriaan JJ Sielcken

“Often in a humoristic manner and always with musical expression in focus, these eight pieces are perfect for every violinist to practice playing techniques and to enhance the enthusiasm to experiment and the joy of playing.” (Carolin Widmann)

‘We can all extend our techniques by opening up the space around them and taking them to their limits. The Violin Spaces are dedicated to Diamanda Dramm, whose talent, enthusiasm, suggestions and feedback were an enormous help to me in the construction of these “Spaces”.’ (Garth Knox)