Willem Breuker Prize 2022

Honored to have won the Willem Breuker Prize. The prize is awarded every two years to a musician whose work is characterised by ‘freedom, hearty audacity, and a completely open mind.’

From the jury report : “…She is an authentic appearance in the instrumental domain in which she has an exemplary function when it comes to using the instrument as a means and not as an end.”

This year the Breuker foundation will award to prizes, due to last year’s cancelled event. Super big congrats also to duo Ornstein/Fentross !

Concert and party at the BIMHUIS November 4th.

more info about Willem Breuker

The Quietus

The Quietus featured Chimp as album of the week.

Really touched by the wonderful write up. Read it here

“…Chimp is a grand debut of experimental classical music. While many instrumentalists are satisfied with playing immaculately ever faster, it is the exploration and acceptance of imperfection (whatever that means) that distinguishes the artist from the musician. That and a never-ending curiosity and thirst to learn and expand one’s own skills and repertoire. I hear all of that in Diamanda La Berge Dramm’s Chimp, a pursuit of true artistry.”


the first full length album of my own work

very proud to have Chimp out in the world

listen everywhere that streams

buy here

Diamanda La Berge Dramm: voice, violin, Moog 
Words by Steven J Fowler 
Recorded and Mixed by Iwen Legro at Splendor and Studio Lekker Legro, Amsterdam 
Mastered by Jeffrey de Gans at Da Goose Mastering, Amsterdam 
Photography by Bram Petraeus 
Design by Max Franosch 
Produced by Iwen Legro and Nick Roth for Diatribe Records, Dublin 
© 2022 Diatribe Records


Gonzo Circus Magazine reviews Inside Out : very kindly referring to the Bach as “current and urgent”.. Thanks Gonzo !