Vrije Geluiden bij Beastings release

Vrije Geluiden (Radio4) met Aad van Nieuwkerk was gisteravond bij de release van Beastings in Splendor

in de uitzending o.a. tracks van de EP, een dubbelinterview met SJ Fowler en mij, en een gesprek met Aad over kerst. luister hier terug !

NRC / goldberg

Very nice article by Joost Galema in the NRC on the Goldberg Variations. I talked about the use of them in Vreemde Streken :

read it here

beastings out.

My debut EP Beastings is out.

streaming on Spotify and wherever else music exists online.

order the CD&Chapbook or the cassette at Pretty Purgatory.

released November 22, 2019
all songs composed and performed by Diamanda La Berge Dramm
with text by SJ Fowler

tracks 6, 7 composed by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov
tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 arranged by Akim Moiseenkov & Diamanda Dramm
tracks 2, 3 arranged Akim Moiseenkov

recorded by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov in Borgerhout, Antwerpen, March 2019
mixed by Akim Moiseenkov and Dave Wismeijer in Amsterdam, May 2019
mastered by Da Goose Mastering

photos by Juri Hiensch
dress by Maison the Faux
mask by Carmen Schabracq
artwork by Jos Kleij

all rights reserved


Vreemde Streken (6+)

Vreemde Streken (6+), a children’s production by Trio Diamanda and Oorkaan, had it’s premiere on November 17th in Eindhoven. This show has been so magically rewarding to make and play. Can’t wait to tour it. Next up Tivoli|Vredenburg on December 27th. 2020 dates HERE

violin DLBD / viola Yanna Pelser / cello Marcus van den Munckhof

director Beppie Blankert / music J.S.Bach, G.Knox / music advice David Dramm / costumes Sacha Zwiers / decor Violette Schönberger / light design Kees van Zelst / dramaturgy Erin Coppen, Caecilia Thunnissen / assistance Saskia Driessen / training Caroline Dokter / tour tech Rens van Dijk

more info

   photos Bart Grietens

Beastings pre-sale

Beastings EP out Friday // two singles streaming here // plus pre-sales //

CD with accompanying 29-page poetry chapbook featuring expanded poems by SJ Fowler, published by Sampson Low LTD (London, England since 1793). Includes digital pre-order of Beastings.

Rhodamine rose cassettes with black imprints, lovingly pressed and printed by National Audio Company (Springfield, Missouri, since 1969). Includes digital pre-order of Beastings.

photo Juri Hiensch