shot on an icy cold morning in De Stille Kern, Zeewolde

music // DLBD .. text // sjfowler

the first in a series of videos by Waargebeurd : Sonne Scheermakers & Jurriaan Sielcken. follow them for more upcoming….

OS & Smackgirl

David Dramm’s iconic Orange Slice released

PLUS bonus track of Smackgirl for violinist with two kick drums

more info here

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premieres at Gaudeamus Festival.

September 10th, 20, Pandora, Tivoli|Vredenburg

info and streaming link

music // Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Genevieve Murphy

text // SJ Fowler

dramaturgy // Genevieve Murphy

decor // Ascon de Nijs

styling // Maison the Faux

production // Gaudeamus Festival

special thanks to co-producers // Wonderfeel Festival, November Music, Music on Main, Connecting North Sea Neighbours through Arts & Culture