November Music

Last weekend I performed Onur Türkmen‘s Songs from a Circle at November Music. It was the first time I did it in its fully staged version, and it was amazing to feel how much space that gave me to go deeper with the piece. Can’t wait to record it in Ankara in January !

I’ll be back at November Music this coming Saturday with the premiere of a powerful new work by Yannis Kyriakides :

Face is a multimedia composition for voice, violin, recorders, piano, live electronics and video, based on notions of face, not only as a manifestation of emotion and identity, but as a data set to be collected and used by external powers. The piece navigates between the problematic practice of anthropometry in the early 20th century, specifically the measurement of cranial features to determine character types, to the current use of emotional face recognition software to collect data about the emotional engagement of consumers.

MUSIC Yannis Kyriakides / IMAGE Johannes Schwartz / TEXT Maria Barnas

ELECTRA ENSEMBLE : VOICE Michaela Riener /  VIOLIN Diamanda Dramm / RECORDER Susanne Borsch / PIANO&KEYBOARD Saskia Lankhoorn

photo : Johannes Schwartz


In 1986, Theo Loevendie wrote DANCE for my legendary former teacher Vera Beths. The solo violinist plays with a set of bells around her ankles, stomping her own accompaniment. Many of her students went on to play the piece, and in 2015 I had the chance to perform it live at Podium Witteman when Theo received the Andreas Medal from the City of Amsterdam :

Last summer Theo wrote a new version of the piece, adding parts for recorder (Erik Bosgraaf) and clarinet (Carl Rosman). The solo violin part was left unchanged. We recorded it for Erik Bosgraaf’s new CD that was released this week, Nachklang : check it here // and already a nice review from the Groene Amsterdammer is in here :

“Bastardized Country & Western with a Turkish hint by Diamanda Dramm and two companions … An after party in many colours”


Spaces video

proud to launch the first of the Violin Spaces video series !

Garth and I have been working on these concert studies since we met in 2011, and it feels great to finally send them out into the world. The sheet music is now available at Schott


Violin Spaces Nr. 1 SKATING
Garth Knox
video by E-Ville Media
directed by Willem Wits


pumped to be in London soon for two exciting events, both hosted by the great poet/writer/artist SJ Fowler. we have been working together in the virtual realm for the past half year on fresh texts and songs. looking forward to joining forces live !

Austrian Cultural Forum, October 10th, 19.30

Illuminations V: Ingeborg Bachmann // presents new pieces of literary art and performance responding to the life and work of Ingeborg Bachmann, one of Europe’s most iconoclastic literary figures in the post-war era. Driven by a singular poetic voice, Bachmann’s poetry and writings have been a touchstone for 20th century explorations of truth and the interplay between the oppressively political and the explicitly personal.

Featuring new work by Ana Schnabl, Emily Critchley, Han Smith, Karen Leeder, Andrea Capovilla and myself.

Rich Mix, October 13th, 19.30

The October interim edition of the European Poetry Festival features 28 poets in pairs of 2. more on that here



**** from NRC Handelsblad for last week’s 5 year anniversary concert of Splendor :

read here

…”and somewhere in there Diamanda Dramm provided a highlight with a movement from Violin Spaces, a cycle that composed for her by Garth Knox, which she will tour this fall : an Irish folk dance mysteriously shimmering through an aura of harmonics.”

**** from Dagblad van het Noorden for last month’s duo concert with the phenomenal Maya Fridman :

read here

on the Violin Spaces : “with playful ease, as if it was self-evident, she bowed and plucked the most fantastic sounds from her instrument”…