played Luigi Nono’s La Lontananza Utopica Futura (1989) in De Oude Kerk Silence series last month for violin and 8 tape tracks with Wouter Snoei on sound. looking forward to playing this super special piece again at Sounds of Music Festival in Groningen on November 7

NRC / Wonderfeel

NRC Handelsblad reviews my Wonderfeel show :  “one of the most exciting performers at this moment” // thanks for the kind words !!

full article here

Deutschlandfunk Förderpreis

incredibly honored to be the recipient of next season’s Deutschlandfunk Förderpreis. It includes recording my debut album as artist in residence at Deutschlandfunk in their amazing Kammermusiksaal. Award ceremony september 2nd at Musikfest Bremen

I talked about it here to Pieter van Wielen on Nooit Meer Slapen 

and here on Deutschlandfunk


Modern Genetics

the triple LP by laberge, laberge dramm and dramm is out june 1st. live recordings & unreleased material on 180-gram vinyl, plus a high-quality digital download code. the first release on Splendor Records.

Modern Genetics can be ordered through Bandcamp online here

David Dramm plays guitars and sings.
Anne La Berge play flutes and electronics, talks, and sings.
Diamanda La Berge Dramm plays the violin, bass pedals, kick drum and sings.

We are honored to have a few very special guests :
Marco Mlynek plays keyboards, guitar, tambourine and sings.
Marc Alberto plays sax and electronics.
Aaron Likness plays the piano.

history : in june 2017 we recorded three live concerts, and have done some additional tracking since, plus a lot of mixing, re-mixing anne and david’s old duo recordings, artwork, negotiations dramm style, negotiations la berge style, living, laughing etc. now we are super proud to share it with the world. snuck on the dramm composition boat with a debut track of my own called touch (words by SJF)

“a collector’s item upon release, this triple LP is a musical family history unlike any other. a rousing mix of punk, country, spoken word and electro. recorded live in Splendor Amsterdam by the 21st von Trapp family La Berge Dramm & guests.”

Modern Genetics was recorded during live concerts at Splendor Amsterdam,
in various studios in New York City and Amsterdam, in a hall in Eindhoven, and at home between 1990 and 2018.

recording engineers : Bastiaan Kuijt, Iwen Legro, Robert Bosch, Joerie Saal, Jurriaan Sielcken, Robert Poss. photo concept & direction : Carmen Schabracq. photographer : Dim Balsem. art design : Jos Kleij



Can’t wait to get kicking again.. My new solo program SUBVERSE will premiere this summer at Mittelfest (IT), Wonderfeel Festival (NL), and Gaudeamus Festival (NL). New collaboration with Ascon de Nijs and Maison the Faux for the decor and costume.

“An unrelenting solo violin set extending into the bass realm: Diamanda accompanies herself with her feet, using drums and organ pedal, uniting her whole physique into sound. She unfolds the sound of her violin, navigating its peripheries and pushing them out a little bit. The set designed uniquely for this program connects the sonic experience to its visual manifestation.”

music by Dramm, La Berge Dramm, Bach, Corelli. Purcell, Biber. text by SJ Fowler. decor by Ascon de Nijs. costume bij Maison the Faux.

co-production Wonderfeel Festival (NL), Music on Main (Canada), Mittelfest (IT), Gaudeamus (NL). made possible by the Keep an Eye Production Prize.