I met Garth Knox in 2011 at New England Conservatory where I was studying for my Bachelor. He was teaching the viola class for a guest semester, and I asked him for a lesson. We soon started talking about his Viola Spaces, a series of concert studies for viola that had been published in 2008 and were starting to gain a lot of traction in the viola world. The question was .. would they work for violin transposed up a fifth ? We both missed the ringing of many bass notes, and it seemed like there was a lot more possibility in the brilliance register of the violin that should be taken advantage of. So it was decided to make a whole new series for violin. We spent a lot of time exploring these techniques together, Garth writing drafts for me to give feedback on, editing, editing, and re-editing. It’s been a great learning curve for me.  I’m proud of this project and so excited to share it with the world – in particular with young violinists who I hope will dig into the material with zeal, discovering new pathways in the relationship they have with their instrument.

The Violin Spaces were published by Schott in 2018.

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tracks :

    1. Skating
    2. Up Above Our Heads
    3. Microtonal Blues
    4. Ten Fingers
    5. No Pitch, No Problem
    6. Sliding
    7. The Raven
    8. Rick O’Shea
    9. bonus : nature / text SJ Fowler / violin&voice DLBD / bass John Eckhardt

Director Willem Wits / DOP  Bobby Littlejohn / First AC Rikash Gobardhan / Floor Manager Iwen Legro / Hair and Makeup ietsmethaar (Lilian Prins) / Concept and Edit Willem Wits / Audio recording Jurriaan JJ Sielcken / Tonmeister Iwen Legro / Mix and master Jurriaan JJ Sielcken

“Often in a humoristic manner and always with musical expression in focus, these eight pieces are perfect for every violinist to practice playing techniques and to enhance the enthusiasm to experiment and the joy of playing.” (Carolin Widmann)

‘We can all extend our techniques by opening up the space around them and taking them to their limits. The Violin Spaces are dedicated to Diamanda Dramm, whose talent, enthusiasm, suggestions and feedback were an enormous help to me in the construction of these “Spaces”.’ (Garth Knox)

John Adams receives Erasmus

John Adams received the Erasmus Prize on November 28th from the King in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. I had the huge honor of playing at the ceremony with Gerard Bouwhuis (a Splendor friend and piano monster).  We played two movements of Road Movies. James Murray made some gorgeous visuals for the occasion. James has done lighting design for most of my solo shows and it was such a pleasure to work together towards this special event. A few pictures by Frank van Beek :

Vrije Geluiden bij Beastings release

Vrije Geluiden (Radio4) met Aad van Nieuwkerk was gisteravond bij de release van Beastings in Splendor

in de uitzending o.a. tracks van de EP, een dubbelinterview met SJ Fowler en mij, en een gesprek met Aad over kerst. luister hier terug !

NRC / goldberg

Very nice article by Joost Galema in the NRC on the Goldberg Variations. I talked about the use of them in Vreemde Streken :

read it here

beastings out.

My debut EP Beastings is out.

streaming on Spotify and wherever else music exists online.

order the CD&Chapbook or the cassette at Pretty Purgatory.

released November 22, 2019
all songs composed and performed by Diamanda La Berge Dramm
with text by SJ Fowler

tracks 6, 7 composed by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov
tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 arranged by Akim Moiseenkov & Diamanda Dramm
tracks 2, 3 arranged Akim Moiseenkov

recorded by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov in Borgerhout, Antwerpen, March 2019
mixed by Akim Moiseenkov and Dave Wismeijer in Amsterdam, May 2019
mastered by Da Goose Mastering

photos by Juri Hiensch
dress by Maison the Faux
mask by Carmen Schabracq
artwork by Jos Kleij

all rights reserved