Oslo, RAM & Birmingham

had a great time teaching in the last few weeks //

spent three days at the Norwegian Academy of Music coaching chamber music and hanging out with Terje Moe Hansen‘s violin class. we talked and played and talked and played, covering the Violin Spaces as well as other contemporary violin repertoire and delving into surrounding topics as well. such a joy to have time for real exchange.

had an afternoon workshop and evening concert at Royal Academy of Music in London together with Garth, he coached the viola’s on Viola Spaces, and I took the violins. then we had an all-Spaces concert, playing them in various constellations. the next day we went to Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and did more or less the same thing. following that we stayed for a day to teach private lessons. a pleasure to tag team with Garth, complementing each other in these masterclass situations. exciting to enter a new phase in such a long standing collaboration.

with the RAM violins